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Artikel tentang update dari dunia komputer dan komunitas yang berada di dalamnya.

Poker Agent Now Can Be Grab Driver’s

All About Technology – The acquisition of Poker by Grab resulted in a new program. Kudo, which has more than 400 thousand agents throughout Indonesia, can now act as a driver partner of Grab Indonesia. Along with the integration of Kudo’s service with Grab, Kudo’s agent can now undergo a new role as driver. Conversely, now partner Grab driver can also get additional revenue through Kudo application.

Kudo CEO Albert Lucius explains, the integration of Kudo’s services provides an opportunity for its agents to be the registration of driver partners in their respective areas.

“Agent Kudo could be a place for driver registration, but for verification fixed by Grab center,” said Albert when met at the Hotel Pullman, Jakarta, Thursday May 18th.

This integration with Kudo clearly benefits who is competing with Gojek and Uber in Indonesia . Utilizing Kudo agents spread over 500 cities, Grab is eager to expand its services to areas untouched by its competitors.

On the other hand, Grab drivers can now freely utilize the Kudo function as a trading tool. They hopes that it could be a shortcut for its driver partners to increase revenue. Kudo itself is the largest online transactional platform to offline (O2O) in Indonesia today. Kudo’s service excellence is its reach that reaches untouched areas of the internet.

The Kudo segment is a community that lives in the difficult terrain of internet rajapoker and untouched credit card services. Kudo even claims their service is able to be present in areas that can only be penetrated 2G signal.

“We are in a place where there is no ATM, Indomaret or Seven Eleven,” Albert added.

Meanwhile COO Kudo Agung Nugroho, said the integration of Grab and Kudo services is the first step of the breakthrough that they plan for the future.

“For the initial collaboration, we make the agent as the point of recruitment of driver.” In the future, it will make payment solution, “said Agung.

Ransomware Entrance Still Fluid Computer Users

All about computers – Just Security hole is the main cause of hacking action was not discourage Windows XP users to replace the latest version of the operating system. The statistics released by Net Applications show that despite the lack of Windows XP, Windows XP users who are reluctant to switch to the latest Windows. Ransomware is the one of popular virus in the world its about one month a go.

Even Windows XP is still one of the most popular operating systems worldwide with a market share of 7.04 percent. This amount is greater than the Mac operating system market share that has a much greater security level. Citing Business Insider, the popularity of operating systems on computer devices is currently dominated by Windows 7 with 48.5 percent and Windows 10 with 26.28 percent.

This shows even though technology of Microsoft’s official support has been stopped but its popularity has still not disappeared. Microsoft has announced the termination of support for Windows XP technology in security system updates since mid-2014 ago.

In the same year Gartner predicts there are still 2 billion units of computers that use judi sbobet the old OS with 140 million of which are estimated to use Windows XP. Users are known to be aware of the dangers that may arise from using the old device.

Microsoft’s doom is not denied still can not be matched by its competitors namely MacOS, Chrome OS, and Linux. All three share only a portion of each less than 10 percent. MacOS X 10.12 only pocketed 3.21 percent market share.

These findings seem to indicate the dangers that may still haunt the user’s old school operating system that could have re-infected Wanacry Ransomware second half. Recalling on May 12, the attack has crippled 200 thousand victims in 150 countries around the world.

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